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The KBC Lottery is the only TV game show in which thousands of Indians have won the lottery to date and after winning the KBC Lottery, so they have made their lives easier because the KBC Lottery Winnings .To participate in the lottery, one must be a citizen of India and to be included in the KBC Lottery Winners List , so one only needs to have General Knowledge, as per the review of KBC 25 lakh LOTTERY WINNER List 2018.


All the people of KBC Lottery Winners 2018 were ordinary Indians and they added their name to the list of KBC winners only on the basis of general knowledge and information as ,KBC Lottery has winners up to INR. 7 crore. Such KBC Lottery Winners include thousands of winners worth INR 25 lakh who can easily get their money through WhatsApp by contacting the KBC Lottery Manager who participate in the KBC Lottery and after winning the lottery, they are worried about how they can easily get the lottery money they has won and not spend any money on it, So that the KBC Lottery department, The WhatsApp number of your lottery manager is given on the official website(kbcreal.com) on which the lottery amount of INR 25 lakh can be obtained immediately by making free contact and following the instructions.


All the managers of KBC Lottery Department have done this job well and have provided complete guidance to Lottery Winners 2018 , KBC Lottery Winners 2019 , KBC Lottery Winners 2020 and KBC Lottery Winners 2021. Because the money won has been transferred to the winner’s bank accounts as soon as possible without any deduction. A very easy way to check KBC Lottery online is explained on the official website of KBC (kbcreal.com). It is also very easy to check KBC Online Lottery because KBC Company has launched its official website, has introduced an online portal in which KBC lottery winners enter their mobile phone number and then they enter their lottery number by which they can confirm their lottery win and their lottery amount. Checks online KBC After online verification of INR 25 Lakh Lottery, the lottery winner provides his details by contacting the lottery manager on the official website for free through WhatsApp, which is immediately followed by the KBC Lottery Manager.
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Winner Name Mobile Numbers Winning Amounts Winning Date Lottery Number
Raju Kumar 91920*****617 25 Lakh lottery 10-06-2021 1002233
Raghunath 91860*****590 25 Lakh Lottery 9-06-2021 1002233
Panday Singh 91923*****475 25 Lakh Lottery 8-06-2021 1002233
Ranveer Sharma 91865*****180 25 Lakh Lottery 7-06-2021 1002233
Anita G 91911*****980 25 Lakh Lottery 6-06-2021 1002233
Avinash 91504*****608 25 Lakh Lottery 5-06-2021 1002233
Mangal Singh 91823*****687 25 Lakh Lottery 4-06-2021 1002233
Vijay Shukla 91960*****654 25 Lakh Lottery 2-06-2021 1002233
Pretty G 91934*****267 25 Lakh Lottery 1-06-2021 1002233
Virat 91770*****334 25 Lakh Lottery 31-05-2021 1002233


Gaythiri Gayu
Name: Rajesh Kumer
Name: Raghunath
Name: Panday singh
Name: Ranveer Singh
Name: Anita
Name: Avinash


It is the responsibility of the KBC Lottery Department to provide full support to the lottery winner in getting the winning amount after verification of the online lottery check, as there are many winners of KBC Lottery of INR 25 Lakh and to make the whole process much easier, a Lottery manager has been appointed for this and on their official website, enter the Whatsapp Number of the Lottery Manager in your dial pad, So that this process becomes more transparent and benevolent.


By answering basic questions about general knowledge, current events, religious aspects and armed forces information. KBC helps you to win mega KBC Lottery cash prizes, so one of the most famous reality game shows is Kaun Banega Crorepati and it is one of India’s most famous TV series and large fan base. Because KBC is one of the platforms that allow the general public to participate and win mega prizes. The only mission that keeps KBC going is to eliminate poverty while spreading joy and happiness throughout the world statistics and world up-to-date
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  1. Any person who has won the Jio KBC Lottery or has a Jio KBC Lottery should check their lottery results on the KBC Website. Any other blogs or websites with the same name as KBC are fake. As a result, so please read and follow the following instructions to protect yourself from scams:
  2. Always double-check and confirm to the details given on the website (kbcreal.com). All helplines and customer service numbers for Jio KBC INDIA are listed there; however, all other numbers are false.
  3. Never give out any personal details, such as your Adhaar card, credit card number and other vital information.
  4. Just trust the list of KBC Lottery Winners given by Jio KBC Official.
  5. If you have an issue with fake calls or something else related to KBC, so please contact the Jio KBC Official Officers right away.
  6. You can reach us on WhatsApp at Jio KBC Customer Care Number +918601253617 for more information and questions.


KBC Official Lottery Winner 25 lakh also makes an effort to educate its users about the importance of upgrading across social media channels, so please make your best efforts and be prepared to have your name added to the KBC Winners List 25 Lakh for the upcoming seasons. The Kaun Banega Crorepati team welcomes you to the KBC Jio Lottery Winner 25 lakh Show because it is the India’s Most Famous TV Show and only Indian citizens are eligible for this scheme, because this live game show is open to everyone over the age of 18 who lives in India and international Indians are also welcome to take part in the show also because the indian people love the KBC game show .
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To prevent or reduce theft and scams, a website named (www.kbcreal.com) has been launched. Check the lottery online, KBC Lottery winners list, KBC Official helpline numbers and KBC Official WhatsApp Lottery winners list on this website and it gives you a safe and stable environment in which to play and win. People in Pakistan are deceiving people by using the name of KBC because of its large fan base. They are using the name to deceive the public. KBC Official Lottery is a website where you can learn everything there is to know about the KBC Game Show and the KBC Lottery because this is KBC’s only website; there are no other blogs or websites except www.kbcreal.com. KBC has taken action against them as well. Apart from live shows, KBC also sells lottery tickets, allowing viewers to test their luck and win big bucks. The winner of the KBC Lottery is announced on the official website of KBC , so never rely on spam and never give your lottery number to anyone. Always check the official website of KBC for the most up to date information as we have listed every kind of helpline and customer care numbers that you can call.


KBC JIO Lottery Registration, Audition 2021: Candidates should review detailed information about KBC Jio Lottery Registration 2021. The full name of the show is Kaun Banega Crorepati. In KBC as compared to other game shows in UK, this is probably the best show in India and it was inspired by paranormal as the main goal of this show is to make you a millionaire by just showing interest. KBC is one of the most enjoyable shows in India.

Over on Sony Television, the average person and crowd have a fantastic opportunity to meet our extraordinary host Bollywood incredible guru and legend Man, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Siddharth Basu is one of the KBC
show’s deliberate arrangements in India.

So inherently, this show has created a test show consisting of taking an interest in getting valuable information and data in various fields. The winning prize money is worth upto 7 crores.

After KBC Jio Lottery registration, tryout section will start and this exam is usually conducted in metro urban areas and everyone can participate in it.

KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati season 13 registration will open soon. So please don’t forget to contact our customer support or visit the KBC official website. To register, there are two options. Due to the pandemic, one choice is to visit the official website, while the other is to send an SMS. The SonyLiv App is also available on Google Play, so please be cautious of someone claiming to be a member of KBC and affiliated with KBC.

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There is no such thing; KBC only has one official website and one customer service Whatsapp number +918601253617 because KBC offers everyone the opportunity to meet Bollywood’s most famous star, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan , and live their dream life. The show will follow the same format as before, with the exception that if India’s situation does not improve, there will be live game sessions and the show will be performed using different online applications.

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